Reaffirmation Of Vows

When we think of reaffirming vows, the most common reference is couples that have been married for a long time already. In actual fact, there are a number of reasons why couples both newer and more travelled, may wish to reaffirm the special promises they made to eachother on their wedding day.

Couples who got married away from their loved ones, for any number of reasons, may wish to affirm their vows infront of precious friends and family upon returning home, or after a little more time has passed. As a celebration of the milestones in their life, a longer married couple may wish to relive the special moment when they exchanged vows with eachother, however many years ago. Perhaps they wish to have their children there to see, as well as some familiar old faces, and to just reflect on the journey thus far.
Why not have the ceremony take place in the spot you first met or even in the comfortable surroundings of your own home? 
Some couples may choose to reaffirm their original vows while others may wish to rewrite them, to reflect who they are at present and their directions and hopes for the future. 

There are no legalities involved in this kind of ceremony, so it can be tailored completely to your wishes and I will present you with a precious momento keepsake of this special occasion.